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By MediaAugust 28, 2021In News

How Entrepreneurs Can Create A Service Or Product From The Ground Up

You go to the bank to apply for a loan, and they ask for proof of an address. You don’t have one. You try to order food online, but without an address, you can’t. You apply for a credit card, and it asks for a delivery address, and? You can’t.

Most people think that creating addresses and postcodes is a government job, which is pretty reasonable considering that most countries started using addresses in the 1700s. My home country of Libya started in 2018 — and my company was the one that got it done.

We faced the unique situation of capitalizing on and catching up on 300 years of technological progress and innovation. While the situation was unique, the challenge was one that’s well-known by many entrepreneurs: How do you build a system or network from the ground up?

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