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By MediaSeptember 3, 2021In News

How To Build A Tech Community As A Small Town Entrepreneur

In today’s world of remote working and modern entrepreneurship, your location shouldn’t limit your access to networks and talent. If anything, it could play to your advantage. Employees are leaving big towns and the salaries that come with them to start innovation in places where there was previously very little. And in the third quarter of 2020, the U.S. saw the highest number of business applications ever recorded.

But what comes next? A registered business doesn’t automatically translate into the valuable communities, talent and networks we need. This was the situation I dealt with when building my business and community in Libya. Smart tech graduates with big dreams were often limited to paint-by-numbers software jobs or academics that didn’t necessarily scream innovation. I found there were no opportunities to connect and converse with like-minded dreamers.

It was a classic case of the chicken or the egg. What comes first, the business or the community? After years of enjoying the opportunities available to me in North America, I decided to bring what I learned back to Libya.

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